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Just before the new year, Mercedes-Benz released another model, the Mercedes E 63 AMG. This vehicle was revealed in the autumn and since then there have been a number of leaks that have provided us with important details about this car. The new E 63 has received a lot of attention from the media and the auto experts. Here we will take a look at one of the most important leaks, which has so far appeared on the internet.

The first leak, which came on the internet concerned the front end of the E 63 AMG. We already knew that the car in question featured a new BBS model but did not have a clear image of the design. The second leak showed exactly what the headlights would look like. They were a lot smaller than those on the E-class models. These headlights also had a black chrome finish. There are a few more leaks that have come online and they all concentrate around the BBS engraving which is located on the centre console.

Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG 2021

The third leak focused on the new BBS alloy wheel base. This model features a magnesium forged wheelbase, which can be found to be significantly lighter than the steel of the older ones. The old BBS rims were made from magnesium and they have proved to be extremely strong. The new model uses an aluminium rim which is said to be made using precision cutting process. A magnesium spindle completes the inner ring for the Mercedes E 63 AMG.

Mercedes E63 Amg 2021

The next leak which focused on the new E 63’s interior has so far shown us the interior and it features a very modern yet elegant design. The E 63 has been redesigned for the driver who desires a modern yet elegant feel in his automobile. The dashboard has been relocated to provide easier access to the driver and this is done with an easier to use panorama. The instrument panel, which contains the essential operating controls such as speedometer, tachometer and fuel level is surrounded by slim and clean horizontal lines.

The dashboard of the Mercedes E 63 AMG also features a clear central audio panel instead of the old style audio system which featured two separate panels. The new Mercedes E 63’s head unit is clean and compact with clean lines. A clean connector jack with a single speaker is what you will get when you buy the new E 63 models. An aluminium surround has also been placed behind the glove box.

The final detail discussed in this article concerns the roof of the E 63 AMG. It has been reported that the new model features a retractable roof. It is called the h U of H of which is also referred to as the C-curved roof. Some believe this model is similar to the new or Type R model where the two differ mainly in terms of the shape. The hung Haul features two large clevis and one smaller clevis in the centre.

Mercedes E63 Amg 2021 Interior
Mercedes E63 Amg 2021 Interior

The rear of the E 63 has received some criticism from some quarters due to its resemblance to that of the new Ford Focus. However the concept car also has the same kidney shape which is used on the new Ford Focus. As mentioned earlier, the new model uses a single speaker in the center of the bumper although there are reports of some double speakers being used in some markets. The main difference between the sedan and the SUV is the fact that it has a smaller passenger capacity however Mercedes have gained great popularity in the US market due to its sleek design and fuel efficiency. The AMG tuners have worked hard to improve the performance of the E 63 and the result is an exotic car with stylish looks.

The all new Mercedes E 63 AMG 2021 c model offers some great performance numbers and despite some rumors has been able to keep the high fuel economy that is typical of Mercedes models. Despite this the high standard of Mercedes parts used in the E 63 have not deteriorated over the years and in fact have increased in quality. Mercedes offer a huge range of spares for their vehicles and the E 63 in particular is one model where you will be lucky to find spares available if you do not want to buy a complete replacement. Mercedes offer replacement spares for the E 63, E Class, C Class, G Class and S Class and you will be surprised to find parts such as the tachometer, oil filter, brake calipers and so on.

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